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After suffering for years with tiredness and having no idea why, I am now feeling more energetic and healthier than ever before. Sam - Luton

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What Is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Colonic Hydrotherapy has been practised for decades, and is still a popular treatment in clinics across the world today. It’s a completely natural with the process of passing pure filtered water through it with the use of special equipment.

You don’t have to be suffering with digestive issues to seek out colonic hydrotherapy, as it can be a great way to take care of your health and well-being combined with diet an life style changes.

How is Colonic Hydrotherapy performed?

Colonic hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation.

This procedure is performed by a specialised professional known as colonic therapist or hydrotherapists who have undergone extensive training to provide this service. Kelly Ryan is fully trained in the specialised profession by RITCAT.

The process of colonic hydrotherapy involves the patient lying down on a couch, while the therapist uses a small spectrum to insert warm filtered water into the rectum. This water helps to loosen and soften the waste material present in the colon. The machine then allows the water and feacal matter to flow out of the colon, and through another tube, it is collected in a disposal unit.

During the procedure, the therapist Kelly Ryan may massage the abdomen to help release any stubborn feacal matter. The therapist Kelly Ryan will also monitor the water temperature and pressure used to ensure the comfort and safety of the client.

The procedure usually takes between 45 minutes to an hour with the consultation included, with the amount of water used varying from client to client. Some additional steps that a therapist might take include incorporating herbal or probiotic infusions in the water to enhance the benefits of the therapy.

Equipment used for Colonic Hydrotherapy

At Eliminate & Elevate, we prioritise the safety and well-being of our clients above all else. That’s why we only use the highest standard professional colon hydrotherapy devices to ensure the best possible results. Our team takes the necessary precautions to ensure a hygienic and comfortable experience for all of our clients. Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to provide an effective and gentle treatment that eliminates toxins and promotes overall health. We are committed to providing our clients with a safe, efficient, and effective colon hydrotherapy experience.

Colonic hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation, is a gentle and effective way to gently simulate the contractions in your bowel, removing built-up waste that may cause health problems. Our colon is responsible for eliminating waste and absorbing nutrients from food, and when it doesn’t function properly, it can lead to various digestive issues and reasons.

There’s not one reason why clients have Colonic Hydrotherapy, here’s review which explains how it made a client feel.

Thank you so much Kelly for being so welcoming and providing me with lots of advise and making me feel so at ease during my 1st appointment ❤️ After years of suffering with various gut sensitivities and diseases, I felt such a difference straight away and I can’t wait for my next appointment! Less bloat, discomfort and brain fog, and more energy overall. Even the tightness in my chest/stomach has eased. It’s so lovely to see how passionate you are at what you do 🌷 Recommending you to anyone I know 😘 xx

Romina Barile

What are the Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy?

There are a number of benefits from Colonic Hydrotherapy or Colonic Irrigation, here’s a testimonial from a client highlighting the benefit to them.

Having won the treatment in a competition, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Kelly put me at total ease and fully explained everything. The actual colonic was strangely relaxing and afterwards I felt amazing and my stomach much less bloated. Highly recommend it

Melanie Dempsey


How will I feel after colonic hydrotherapy?

Colonic Hydrotherapy is a completely natural procedure, where pure filtered water is passed through the colon.

Sometimes when you’ve received this treatment you may feel a little bloated this is normal for a time and a few things may happen, it is due to the gases built up as the congested waste matter ferments, and the excess waste puts the bowel under physical pressure.

Afterwards I would recommend that you should drink plenty of warm fluid, eat a light diet and take a warm bath if you can.

Colonic Hydrotherapy is not a medicine so it’s important to remember that it make take a while, and a few sessions of treatment, to really feel the full benefits.

Treatment prices

Treatment Price: £99
60 minutes returning clients / 90 minutes for all new clients

Why not book your Food Intolerance test alongside your treatment and get your results back in the same appointment?!
Treatments can be booked as a package.

Why not add a Probiotic implant?

Implant cost just £30 – Please request this when booking with Kelly

Are you a returning client?
Why not add on an Enema to your next treatment?
– Herbal Enema – Various kinds available please enquire with Kelly
– Coffee Enema
– Parasite Enema

Enema add on: £20 per Enema. Please request this in advance to your treatment.

Please note;

Before your treatment you’ll fill out a consultation form online alongside aftercare instructions, all these forms will be attached to your online fresha account so you can view these at anytime. 


Love to see amazing before and after results

Before After
Thankyou so much! Slept amazingly well and was left feeling brighter, lighter and just felt good. Kelly put me at ease straight away and was very professional, she knows her stuff!
Hannah Parsons
Hannah Parsons
I have had my first colonic hydrotherapy of three. Kelly is full of knowledge and is passionate about helping people! I also had the food intolerance test and looking forward to seeing my results I highly recommend going to Kelly!
Kaleigh Payne
Kaleigh Payne
Wow! What can I say, very interesting and probably the weirdest experience! I’ve never felt so light, Kelly was so friendly and made me feel instantly at ease and comfortable, totally professional. The treatment I received was amazing, and how I feel after is a feeling I’ve never felt before. Can’t wait to book in for my follow up. If you’re debating about booking then you shouldn’t, do it! You won’t regret it! Thank you x
Olivia Goodwin
Olivia Goodwin
Cannot recommend Kelly highly enough. For something that realistically is quite awkward she made it anything but that. I cannot express the results I got from just my first treatment, the pain relief I’ve had since & the definition that I got in my stomach that I’ve never had before. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made going to Kelly and I’ve already booked in my future appointments
Katie Hayes
Katie Hayes
Kelly was so friendly and very down to earth, she made me feel really relaxed and even gave me a lolly pop to clam my nerves...worked a treat. Kelly gave me so much advice and was happy to answer all my questions, I think I chewed her ear off. I have my second colonic booked and I cannot wait to have it done, I have a lot of toxins to get rid of. I felt very tired after my first one, within 3 days I felt a lot less bloated and I can feel I am digesting my food much better. I will definitely do a before and after picture for the next visit. I cannot recommend Kelly enough. Thank you so much Kelly.
Victoria Moore
Victoria Moore
Kelly was brilliant and really informative. Kelly also made me feel comfortable and at ease too. I was really nervous before the appointment but very quickly I felt at ease. I would recommend to everyone, and I’ve already booked in for a second time x
Kelly Tough
Kelly Tough
It was a very good service and I loved how Kelly made me feel, very safe and knowledgeable, it was my first time and I wasn’t worried or scared she explained everything to me she gave me lots of advice and guidance it was A* experience going back in 3 weeks 😊 healthy gut here I come
Ian Gregory
Ian Gregory
Kelly was fantastic from start to finish, she explained everything very well, walked away after just the 1st session feeling completely different and like a new women, would high recommend
Kelly is honestly amazing. Everything is explained in great detail so your nerves are instantly calmed down. There is zero pain with this treatment! So don’t put it off thinking it will hurt. After only my first session, I’ve noticed the appearance of some abs at the top of my tum!! And I’m not bloating half as much! Can’t wait for the next session to see even more results.
Naomi Codrington
Naomi Codrington
Can’t recommend Kelly enough. From the moment I arrived I felt so at ease. Kelly creates a relaxing environment and explains the whole procedure in great detail, she is so so so knowledgeable. After having my colonic I left feeling so much lighter. I’m really looking forward to my next one which I already have booked in. Reducing bloating, improving gut health and improving my skin from the inside out are my main goals, and I absolutely know Kelly will be able help me to achieve this with colonics and undertaking a food intolerance test. Thank you.
Colonic Hydrotherapy

Our colon is responsible for eliminating waste and absorbing nutrients from food, and when it doesn't function properly, it can lead to various digestive issues and reasons.

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