The Globe Artichoke, as it is most commonly known, is a member of the thistle family and is widely cultivated across Europe for its nutritive value and unique flavour. The part of the plant usually eaten is the flower bud, harvested before it goes into bloom. However, the leaf contains not only an equal nutritive value, but many other properties besides which can be bitter to taste and are revered by nutritionists as a digestive and good for stimulating the appetite.

The ancient Greeks were probably the first to start cultivating globe artichokes from the wild Cardoon. As far back as the 8th Century BC it was mentioned written about by Homer and Hesiod. As a Herbal infusion, Artichoke tea has a rich history of use and in South East Asia, Central America and Eastern Europe it is widely marketed in a tea form.

Aquasol Artichoke Leaf Tea is made like all Aquasol products to provide a convenient and instant form of the herb. Whilst many people choose to consume Artichokes as part of a dietary regime. Aquasol use the leaves which contain very different constituents and produces a unique flavour.

Artichoke combines well with herbs like Devil’s Claw and Ginseng to whet the appetite and with lemon balm and ginger to cleanse the palette.


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