Like Ginseng in the Chinese tradition, Ashwagandha has played an important role in Indian history and culture going back thousands of years.

Used in the traditional medicine practices of Ayurvida, Siddha and Unani, this herb is widely revered, not only on the Indian sub continent but now across the world.

Whilst it has been cultivated in India for as much as 6000 years, the herb, which is a botanical relative to potatoes, tomatoes and chilli peppers grows wild in many parts of the world, including the Middle East, Mediterranean and north Africa.

The cultivated plant is typically started under glass and then moved onto the field where a mature crop will take 6 months to grow. It is harvested when the berries are yellow. The spindly roots are carefully separated from the plant and dried.

A traditional preparation of Ashwagandha would involve heating the powdered herb up in milk or ghee.

Aquasol Ashwagandha is best stirred into hot milk or plant milk. It makes a malty infusion with earthy undertones. Some people like to sweeten it with a little honey or add cardamon for extra aroma.

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