If there were a smell of sunshine, it would be Chamomile. A scent with deep associations of summertime and a soothing taste between apple and sweet grass.

An old favourite herb, revered by both herbalists and gardeners, for its culinary charm, rich aroma and its addition to many a floral bouquet.

The ancient Egyptians revered the herb so highly they dedicated it to their gods. In England, few herbs have been better known or more highly regarded as an emblem of the folk garden, Nicolas Culpepper was so confident of everyone’s understanding of the herb, he said – “It is but lost and labour to describe it.”

Aquasol’s new Chamomile Tea takes an ancient relationship one step further, by removing the teabag and supplying a herb that is ground down so fine, we are able to produce a beverage that can be prepared in seconds and enjoyed without the need of waste.

Superfine powder for full instant dispersion and a fuller flavour.

Ingredients: Organically grown Chamomile Flowers

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