This very familiar herb is popular fresh or dried, ground or whole and is widely used in the cuisine of both east and west as well as being a popular herb to infuse. Ginger mixes well with a host of other herbs invoking its heat into many flavour combinations.

This herb has been prized for its use in traditional medicine, as well as for its flavour for well over 2000 years. Traditional herbalists in China classify the dried herb and the fresh herb as 2 entirely different things as the characteristics of ginger change during the drying process.

As Ginger rhizomes dry some of the Gingerols (the herbs defining phytochemical) turn to Shogaols. The shogaol chemical is twice as pungent as its parent chemical and makes dry ginger a much hotter ingredient than fresh ginger.

Aquasol’s ginger presents a whole new dynamic to the ginger paradigm, the extra fine grade of our ginger powder creates an intensity and complexity to the flavour of dried ginger which will be a new experience to the palate.

Superfine powder for full instant dispersion and a fuller flavour.

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