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Napier Happy Gut

A complete blend of friendly bacteria to support your GI tract with 10 strains, vitamin D, digestive enzymes and the prebiotics inulin and F.O.S.

Napiers Happy Gut is a complete blend that, unlike many commercial friendly bacteria supplements, contains not only 10 strains of bacteria but also 3 digestive enzymes, inulin, FOS and vitamin D. This makes it a unique, synergistic, high-performance formula that provides all the building blocks to achieve an optimum microbiome in your gut.

Contains 20 billion bacteria across 10 strains.

Friendly gut bacteria and digestive enzymes help you to fully digest and breakdown proteins, fats and carbohydrates into the nutrients that energise and protect your body, helping your body to perform at its peak.

No GMO ingredients. Suitable for vegetarians.


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Napier Happy gut