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Is my dog/cat Gut Microbiome imbalanced?

Our modern day cute pets started off life as wolves, around 40,000 years ago. This means for more than 99% of their existence, cats and dogs diets looked very different to today!

Modern day dogs and cats foods, treats, and human food contain a lot of ingredients that dogs have not been exposed to for the vast majority of their existence. Is it any wonder that their digestive system doesn’t know what to do?

What will I learn from the test?

Your dog or cat microbiome is home to trillions of different bacteria. When they are balanced correctly, it is a foundation for good health. However imbalances can easily be caused by dog foods with processed ingredients, preservatives, and things that dogs wouldn’t naturally consume like gluten.

The test will identify:

Microbiome Diversity & Balance – does your dog or cat have the right balance of bacteria for their gut health?

Nutrition Score is your dog’s current diet varied and healthy enough?

Intestine Inflammation & Diarrhoea does your dog or cat have enough of the good bacteria that protect them from inflammation and diarrhoea? Or too much bad bacteria that could cause diarrhoea?

Butyrate Production Butyrate plays an important role in protecting your dog’s intestinal mucosa. That is a complicated scientific way of saying it helps protect your dog or cats gut from harmful bacteria!

Harmful Bacteria Does your dog or cat have high levels of harmful bacteria, like salmonella?

Help & advice for a happy and healthy dog or cat. Your results also contain useful dietary information.

How do I take the test?

We only need a small swab from your dog or cat poop. Either take the swab and collection tube on your next walk, or use a poo bag.

Use the prepaid return envelope to send the sample to our laboratory and you will receive your results via email in ~3 weeks.


Pet testing involves a range of medical and behavioral assessments conducted to ensure the health and well-being of animals, particularly pets. These tests include routine health screenings, vaccinations, blood tests, and diagnostic procedures to detect illnesses or infections early. Behavioral testing is also important, especially for pets being adopted or trained for specific roles, to evaluate their temperament and suitability for certain environments. Regular pet testing helps in monitoring the overall health of pets, preventing the spread of diseases, and ensuring they lead a healthy, happy life. Veterinary professionals conduct these tests, often in collaboration with pet owners, to provide comprehensive care tailored to each animal’s needs.

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