Finding a mint colony on a summers walk can be a highlight of any foraging expedition. On a sultry summer afternoon in Britain, nearby a riverbank or canal where nettles run wild and pale purple flowers create a haze near the waters edge from where a fresh scent of menthol will float up on the warm breeze.

In Britain, the most common wild mint would be Mentha piperta, most likely a hybrid of Spearmint and Watermint. Spearmint provides the light freshness we look for in a mint tea, without the sometimes overpowering pepperiness of peppermint.

When you open your first jar of Aquasol Spearmint Tea, its that fresh breeze from a summers walk down by the riverbank that we search for, and hopefully, here in Britain, where summer can be unpredictable at best, this infusion will offer some reliable summer warmth any time of year.

As something that sweetened the breath and settled the stomach, Romans valued mint, so much so they brought it to Britain with them when they colonised, something for which we can all be grateful.

Aquasol Spearmint can be seen as something both cooling to over-heated digestion but also warming from your fingertips to your toes.


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